About Holly

About Holly

Welcome to my website!

I’m a writer/actress/indie filmmaker and breathworker. And I’m an all-around silly goose. But in all seriousness… I have a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting, a growing IMDb page, and expanding Vimeo page. Did I also mention super cool writing classes on the horizon? As for all of these credits so far, they are all independently made with more coming soon. I know some folks may want to shy away from announcing this except here’s the thing… Why would anyone want to put money into your projects if you don’t? And how can you improve your craft if you’re not continually working on it? Me? I have a shit ton of writing projects sitting on my hard drive. They range from scenes to features and everything in between including TV pilots. I’m also supposed to hide this fact too.


Conventional wisdom is that you must be a bad writer if you have a ton of unproduced writing. This would be true if I marketed my ass off. I didn’t. It’s not about not believing in myself. I just know that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS WITHOUT A COMPELLING STORY. How do you get them? Churning out work, feedback, rework, feedback, rework, feedback, etc. until you decide to stop. Get feedback one last time to choose the fate of your script. It’s okay if it’s dumping it because no story is a waste. Each one gives you invaluable tools to apply moving forward. Some scripts have hundreds of drafts before they go into production. It just really depends on the story. Just don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you their version of a magic bullet.

This includes breathwork. I’m much newer in the world of breathwork than writing and filmmaking. But I also facilitated over 100 volunteer sessions and got certificated at level two before I was willing to call myself a breathworker. So… Yup. I’m a breathworker too.

The cool part that writing, acting, filmmaking, and breathwork share is that both are ever-evolving. I love this for it means that I’ll never be bored with any of them.