2023 Entr’2 Marches Film Festival (Cannes)

2023 Entr’2 Marches Film Festival (Cannes)

Happy Thursday!

I want to take a few moments to share about a wonderful film festival: Entr’2 Marches Film Festival. Their title literally means between two steps. You see… Theirs is a film festival about people with disabilities…

BUT it’s not a film festival about feeling sorry for people with disabilities.

They share our mindset that people with disabilities are an integral part of love, life, and laughter. Yes. The laughter part is vital for so many people believe that you must only be serious when speaking of such a subject. PLEASE KILL ME NOW!!! GRR!

I’ll tell you that I had sooooo many laughs WITH the guys when taking care of adults with special needs. We often would just share jokes for the sake of sharing jokes. Honestly? None of them were that good. I even told some jokes where the guys would roll their eyes. Okay. Often. I wasn’t necessarily trying out my latest jokes so much as breaking up the day.

I digress.

See… I found Entr’2 Marches on Filmfreeway.com last year. And our French subtitles weren’t ready yet except the director David Guillon said that there was just something about our film MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING that stuck with him. This was despite the movie being in English with only English subtitles at the time. And our lead Joshua Warren Bush won for best actor. Writer/Producer Richard Soriano won for best script. Yes. Richard is my hubby. We felt incredibly honored since they had had over 600 submissions from films all over the world.

And everyone was so welcoming during the entire event. Richard and I went to the festival every day. Talk about a treat. It was such a delight to have everyone pretend to be a zombie to be in our next film.

They kick off their festival this weekend. If you’re in Cannes, it’s a must-go. They have an active Instagram page where they make their announcements.


They’re accepting submissions for next year here: Filmfreeway

I want to get together another film to submit. More on that after the strike is over.

xoxo have a great night!

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