Happy Saturday!

I had a great time getting back to work at my temp job. Here’s the thing though: I couldn’t keep up with all my other responsibilities because it insisted that I be on call 8 AM to 7 PM seven days a week. If my temp job was my only thing, it would be fine. Yes. I could absolutely simplify my life to one job. Truth? I’d go batshit crazy beyond my current state. So… No thanks.

But I also recognize the wisdom of regrouping to be more deliberate and less messy. Sure. There is no escaping mess completely. I’m just ready to go in a specific direction. Sorry for being all over the place in my process of finding this. I also think that it’s good in some ways given how picture-perfect so many present their lives to be. Yup. Mine is far from it. This has also given me space to play. And did I ever. It was fabulous!!

I digress for I’m also excited!!

I’m reworking this blog and my YouTube channel.

More to come soon.

Have a wonderful night!


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