Freedom! Huh!?!…

Freedom! Huh!?!…

Ha! Happy Tuesday!?!


I broke with the protocol of my preferred Thursdays. But hear me out:

I’m burnt out and exhausted from what is essentially a corporate America-type job: I love all the incredible lessons from it! REALLY AND TRULY!! And I know that I honestly learned something because I don’t feel the urge to go into the weeds here. Love it! Yippie! It’s also gotten me to think long and hard about how I want to structure Crazy Girl Pictures. Yup. I’ve written about my inclusive business model. The even better news is that I’m gaining further clarity. More to follow soon.

I also own that this job sucked my will to live. Okay. Not literally. But it didn’t work out how I envisioned: A decent-paying job to support my indie filmmaking. So, I’ll be returning to social service-type jobs. Yup. Bureaucracy exists in triplicate within that too except most of us don’t take ourselves so flipping seriously.

Why write a blog about this? I admit that my fancy pants whip myself into a huge frenzy to write my blogs. It’s the old… OMG!?! I have to be deep and profound because well, it’s a BLOG!?! It’s supposed to be fucking deep and even more profound. Um, no. My blogs are about whatever I’m thinking about my writing days. You can gauge my anxiety by my blog length: The Longer it is  = More anxiety

And they’re chock full of typos, missing words, and odd phrasing. (I didn’t learn to write until my first undergrad. It’s still up for debate if I even can now.)

How come I risk public flogging from the writing world to broadcast sooooooooooooooo much damn imperfection on the Internet where my words will live forever and forever?

It’s only through the process of failing REPEATEDLY that I improve. So, I’d say this is my deep and profound message today:



If you learned ANYTHING from it, consider it a massive success.

Great job!

Go fuck up again.

And again…



Good! ‘Cuz there is fucking up to be had!

Have a great night!

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