Getting My Shit Together

Getting My Shit Together

Happy Saturday!

I own the fact that I fell behind on my posting. Rather than trying to make my usual bold declaration that I’ll be back to my Thursday postings… I’ll let you know the possibility exists that I won’t always consistently post.

But this brings me to today’s topic: Getting my shit together.

Yes. That stack of doom is on ONE of my desks. Huh? I have multiple desks dedicated to different tasks. As counterintuitive as this may seem, it’s proven to be helpful. I can dedicate different spaces for different activities rather than lumping them all together. They just got mixed up because my fancy pants just finished working 12 days in a row.

And I thought that I would be curled up in fetal position when I finished. Turns out that I was tired for sure. BUT BUT BUT… It helped me to break through so much bullshit that I’ve been using for a hair shirt. Yahoo! I’m now ready to get my life together in a most serious way. Love it! Love it!

A huge factor is recognizing that it takes time and money to make indie films. This is also true of bigger films too. So, I need to figure out a job until my indie films and breathwork have a consistent cash flow. Here’s the thing though… They may never. I’m okay with this. Writing and making films is more about the love of it for me than the pie-in-the-sky payday.

Things to also consider about the bigger paydays is that I’d likely need to take other people’s money to get them. I first want to spend more time learning my craft before I do this. Yes. This is a slower process except I’ll be able to put out a more consistent product if I do this. I know… I know… I used the dreaded word “product” except that’s exactly what a movie is. Sure. They can be magic. This is true of all things…

My other big thought about other’s people money when it comes to creative projects: I must always work with them regardless of my skill level. Yup. There are lots of fantasies around people giving artists bazillions of dollars to do what they want. In fact, lots of cottage industry is built around all forms of artistic expression spouting this.


People can spend their money however they want. As an artist, I can say all I want for sure. And they get to choose how much or how little of my work that they implement. It’s up to them to give the final say. This is my reason for making some of my films instead of submitting them all to contests or reaching out to producers with them. I don’t want to have to compromise on them. Others have been significantly better because I bring them to others and their money. No one way is the best. Ha! It’s on a “story by story” basis (filmmaker’s version of the “case by case” basis.)

On that nerdy note… Happy Saturday. I’m also going to see about Thursdays since they’re my favorite day of the week. How about you? Do you have a favorite day?

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