Our Inclusive Business Model

Our Inclusive Business Model

Happy Friday!

Yes. I fell behind yesterday. But my fancy pants will be getting back into posting on Thursdays next week. And I admit that I have been setting myself up for failure with my blog since its inception. Hmm… Why is that? I scramble to write and post my blogs on the same day. So, I’ll rework this since my schedule is no longer so flexible…

And going back into a more traditional work week has sparked some thoughts about how I want to structure my business model moving forward for Crazy Girl Pictures. Yup. My fancy pants talk a bit about this in my post about 3 WISHES. Plus, I already started it some with my shorts except well, they’re shorts rather than features. How? All my shoot days for my shorts have been under eight hours each shoot day. This is important to me because it allows people to participate unable to otherwise participate.

I also want my features to have eight-hour shoot days for the same reasons. These eight hours are also for my crew. See… Some actors get staggered for their start times whereas it’s generally the same crew for the whole time. As a result, they almost always have much longer days than the actors. But they need rest and breaks too.

You would be surprised at the pushback that I’ve gotten about this… I’ve heard the old “professionals can put in the long hours because they’re used to it.” Right. I understand except how cost-effective can that really be? People are on overtime after eight-hour days if my shoots are union and 40 hours/week if not. Why? California passed a law called AB-5. It basically made everyone my employee since the main purpose of Crazy Girl Pictures is to make movies regardless of their length. Yes. I will be doing breathwork through Crazy Girl Pictures too. But we’re mainly movies.

Audiences also don’t rally around “fast films.” They want dynamic films. This is also true with editing… I don’t pick my shots due to the speed that it took me to get them. It’s ALL about quality. Think about it… Have you ever once heard a general viewing audience rave about how fast it took to shoot a film. Nope. That’s all ego and showing off for other filmmakers.

If you think about it too… How productive are people after eight hours? Can you really expect their work quality at hour one to be the same as hour 18? No. It also goes back to the idea that products can be good or cheap or fast but not all three. You also have to ask if it’s worth burning people out to get a film. Consider also… People with disabilities or a bit older or other extenuating circumstances may not be able to work past eight hours. Hollywood talks a great game about inclusion except their longer work days are automatically discriminatory.

Yes. Actors with big names can demand a big payday. This is absolutely what drives Hollywood’s long ass days. BUT BUT BUT this is a dumb business model. How come? Most of this money is paid upfront. It’s essentially an advance on sales that still haven’t recovered from the lockdowns. What incentive do people have to market a film if they’re already paid? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have people get paid more from sales and the backend? Yes. This is risky for the actors except producers and productions are generally not paid until revenues start. Another factor to think about is that the more people want up front means the more capital must be raised prior to shooting. This can take years depending on the price tag.

Going back to my original financial point: Amassing a bunch of overtime can be expensive and create inferior products too. Compound that with a hefty star price tag… Boom: Your time is spent sucking up to people for money rather than filmmaking. NO THANKS. Excluding people already marginalized. BIGGEST NO THANKS OF ALL!!

I know what about actors getting fancy makeup jobs? Doesn’t that sometimes take eight hours alone? Nope. I also won’t make those kinds of movies until I have more features under my belt. It’s all a process. My cast and crew will be more seasoned too. We’ll do whatever we can to keep those eight hours.

I’m still working out the details for the rest. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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