Oops… I missed the first two Thursdays of 2023! WHY!?!

Oops… I missed the first two Thursdays of 2023! WHY!?!

Happy Friday!

I know! I know! I’m totally lame for missing those days. Here’s the scoop:

I started a close to full-time temp job.

BUT … It gave me the space to clear my head about 2023 goals. Yes. I hear from all sorts of gurus that goals are no longer “a thing.” Yeah, so what!?! I tried working without solid goals for years because we were finishing up MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING. (MAT) No. MAT didn’t take every waking moment of our 12 years working on it. Here’s the thing though… I didn’t want to take on too big of projects until MAT was “done.” See: There will always be something to do for MAT except it’s reached a manageable level to start other projects.

YES!!!!!! Our next feature 3 WISHES. It’s absolutely coming along. And I’ll soon have super cool announcements about it.

In the meantime, I need for my fancy pants to prepare for it. SO, I’m taking a break from entering script contests this year. This is for features or shorts. My focus will instead on production of short films.

How does this working on short films help with a feature?

It’ll help me focus in on smaller points that need focus for my feature. As my writing teacher Corey Mandell advocated, we started with writing scenes first. His logic is simple: How can you write an engaging feature or pilot if you can’t even master a scene? I’m applying this same logic to shorts versus features. It’ll also give me a chance to work with my actors on a smaller scale prior to working on the feature. The first part of this will be non-union actors and later with SAG-AFTRA actors.

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to participate, you can reach out to me at crazygirlpictures@gmail.com. I can also come up with non-Los Angeles people to participate to some extent. Let me know. I just don’t have the funds to fly anyone into town. I’m thinking more of things that can be done via Zoom.

And my fancy pants will get back to my regular Thursday next week. Adjusting to work is well, an adjustment except I’m getting closer to getting things set up. More to follow soon.

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