Happy Thursday everyone!

Guess what!?! I found out that the DVD for MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING is available at!!! It’s also available on different streaming platforms. I wrote about it just before its release on 11/22/2022. In case you don’t have room for a physical DVD.

I want to share something with you all in case you don’t know… I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to make movies. But it wasn’t just to make any old movie. Yes. Making any old movie can be fun as hell EXCEPT… I wanted to make movies where I give voice to people not traditionally represented Properly on the screen.

What the hell does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you: As someone with Bipolar Disorder, I always want to shoot myself when the most “interesting” thing about characters with Bipolar is their medication compliance. To medicate or not to medicate is the question… Like that’s how we spend our ENTIRE day…

Well, if I believe Hollywood: YES. You can have a character consider it but it can’t be their only moral dilemma….

The good news is that this is starting to change. But this wasn’t true when I first got here. This is also when stories dealing with any kind of mental illness or disability or something where people AREN’T 100000000000000000000000% NORMAL tended to be dramas or even MELODRAMAS… Please shoot me. And thank God for the Farrelly Brothers because of their movies like THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY! It’s so awesome how the brother on the spectrum participates in the jokes instead of being the jokes!!!

And people thought when I was pitching my movies upon my LA arrival… My movies featuring things like mental illness were melodramas. Sure. I had the dramatic one based on my one hospitalization for my Bipolar Disorder. But the rest were silly affairs because humor is fundamental to living in my life. I go to very dark places involving lots of cake whenever I forget this.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Why did I take a little trip down memory lane?

Making movies like MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING is the very reason that I moved to Los Angeles. It combines humor, special needs, and ZOMBIES!!!! What more could a girl want? After all… It was my idea to have zombies on our wedding cake. We have a little video of it here. And if you know anything about SHAUN OF THE DEAD… They played the Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now” Why mention this? It’s the song playing while we cut the cake in the video. Yes. I love SHAUN OF THE DEAD!!! In fact, it’s a massive influence on the zombie TV show in MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING because the beach is Andrea’s “safe space” while The Winchester Pub is Shaun’s safe space. Both go on great journeys to reach them. Yes. Richard loves this movie too! What’s not to love about a movie where they use record albums to fight zombies!?!

I digress. My point about mentioning MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING is that zombies don’t have to just be enjoyed during Thanksgiving. They’re just as tasty at Christmas and weddings and anytime a conversation centers around the topic of brains…

Happy Holidays!!!


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