YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Happy Thursday!

My fancy pants are starting a YouTube channel: @CrazyGirlPictures. Yup. I’m only a bazillion years behind the trends. But what the hell! It’ll be fabulous! Plus, I’ll be putting my content on other video streaming platforms since YouTube likes to censor. No. I won’t be necessarily talking about outrageous things except I’m an Aquarius. This means that anything is possible. I’ll post more about the others soon.

And well… I’m starting to go to dark places with my filmmaking. Yes. I have a serial killer joke about getting human flesh stuck between his teeth. More on this over the next while… EXCEPT here’s the trailer for my short film plAy Date that got nominated for best short short drama at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival.

In the meantime, I’ll give you the lowdown:

I’ve actually already started to put content on my channel. Most of it right now is my homework from the East Los Angeles Skill Center’s Video Production Classes from Alex George Pickering. (These classes are currently on hold.) I began my classes there in 2019. And I started to learn editing there with programs like iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere Pro, and soon to be Avid. I also plan to brush up on editing in DaVinci Resolve at some point.

But I’m not trying to be a professional editor. I’m learning it to be a better writer and director. How does editing relate? It teaches me what to put on the page as well as what shots to get during production. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Don’t worry – I won’t go deep into navel-gazing about filmmaking on my YouTube channel. Sure. I may go more in-depth with some videos. Not all for I’m not an expert by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. AND if you have ideas on how I can improve: PLEASE SPEAK UP.

My schedule for now will be to post a video on Fridays for #FilmmakerFridays starting next week: 12/9/2022. These will be everything from explaining more technical nuances about my filmmaking to spitballing whatever strikes my fancy. Heck! I even plan to interview other filmmakers once I get this down.

I’ll also be posting video projects on various days. My objective with these is to try out different things like working with green screens, stop motions, visual effects, actors working out things for me, and whatever comes to mind. The reason behind these is to work on a significantly smaller scale than a feature film or even a short film. I want to have the room to play around with no real stakes. This breathing room will allow me to make mistakes. Talk about freeing!!!

I mean… I wrote a bazillion scripts. Okay. Not literally even if it feels this way… It’s that I wrote numerous scripts before I felt I solid enough to write our next indie feature 3 WISHES. This is the first FEATURE script that I actively want to direct and produce too! But I wouldn’t have given myself the space to fail countless times with scripts. And I’m putting it out there for you all to write your comments. I know that some people only want positive comments except I want them all. This is how I learn. No. I may not incorporate every single one. BUT THEY ALL WILL GET ME TO THINK. Yippie! I love it!

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