Thoughts on RRR the Movie

Thoughts on RRR the Movie

Happy Tuesday!

Soooo… I know last Tuesday was our amazing announcement about MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING. And this week: I want to take a minute to talk about the movie RRR.

Yup. My fancy pants have now seen it in the theaters four times. Richard has seen it with me three of those times. Audiences laughed, cried, gasped, cheered, and all around had a great time each time. Me too EVERY TIME! If you think I’m bad, I sat next to guy watching it for the 16th time. There’s just something so magical about this movie.

My guess is that it comes down to the characters having something emotional at stake in every word and action. No small task for a film lasting almost three hours. Both male leads in this story also behaved like men being men based on the good parts: honor, courage, love, humor, and being in service to others.

Each of these moments was also shown with incredible visuals that burned themselves in my brain. I honestly feel lost trying to describe them for each has layered details. Suffice it to say: It’s gotten me to rethink how I envision my vampire story. Yes. I’ve been working on this story in some capacity for longer than I care to admit.

Heck: It’s also gotten to rethink how I translate my small character stories into images too. Why? Yes. RRR has epic battle scenes that blow my mind even thinking about them now days later. But moments like when a key falls through a manhole cover are also captivating. How come? It’s a painful moment drawn out just enough to gut-punch you. Things like music, sound, and even singing showed in various ways. Some were to be expected while others took my breath away.

AND I’ve caught different details each time I’ve gone. If possible, I’d love to see this movie a few more times. Yes. It’s on Netflix except I love watching movies in theaters. There is nothing else in the world like it.

No. RRR isn’t 100% historically accurate. It’s more accurate in the way that Tarantino did INGLORIOUS BASTERDS: Real people involved except not 100% how things went down.

I could talk endlessly about RRR since it put my faith back into big movies. Sure. This movie has somewhat of an agenda in that it calls out the evil ways of the British in India. But this was done in ways that serve the story rather than the filmmakers virtue signaling with chest thumping speeches. An example at the end sums it up quite nicely: Blood splashed against an insignia for the British Empire.

No. RRR isn’t for everyone. That’s okay. If it were, I probably wouldn’t like it nearly as much. What’s the old saying: Trying to please everyone means you please no one.

If you hear of any more RRR screenings open to the public (it’s awards season screenings in Los Angeles), please let me know!!!!

I also don’t want to go into great depth about the plot because it has all sorts of wonderful pieces better left to be discovered than ruined due to a review.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen ut. Yes. My mom didn’t love it nearly as much as except she also saw it on Netflix.

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