Happy Thursday!

Ian has dropped a few hints that his BARBATACHIAN film doesn’t follow a standard narrative. This is an understatement. But you also have to ask… So what? A movie’s first purpose is to entertain. And I must say that this movie definitely does this except not in ways that you would expect. One example is how the detective from the beginning has a fancy mustache that Ian must press against his face. Yes. He plays most of the characters except Professor Pickles. Another little fun element is the prop knife that later appears since I have the very same one from We used it on my upcoming short film PIECE OF MEAT. Byron was so excited about wielding it that we also heard its spring expand and contract.

I know that there is some sort of magical formula to writing reviews. But I don’t wanna to do that to this movie because it would make no sense. Here’s one thing that I’ll say… I had thought that it would be like the freaky movie PEEPING TOM based on the opening moments… Then it went into the detective with the fancy mustache… No, I won’t tell you any more of the story because I’m still trying to make sense of it all. However, I don’t believe that you’re going to make sense of it. I believe this is the bigger point.

And a ton of effects with music, sound, and a ton of computer-generated ones saturate this film. I loved that for it’s hysterical and serious at the time while not taking itself serious. At one point there is an altar made from an Amazon box.

I will follow up with Ian about where to get a link to the film since I could only find his trailer on his site. Maybe his site map can help.

Great lessons come from the fact that most of this film was shot in Ian’s flat/apartment. He also plays a variety of roles that he separates with costumes and the color of the screen. The timing for seeing this is perfect since I’m coming off of so much narrative. Don’t get me wrong: Ian’s movie has its own sense of narrative. It’s just not the traditional way. And I want to see about making something similar to this before we shoot 3 WISHES. Why not?

A thing that added to the enjoyment of this movie is the freshly popped popcorn that I made for the experience. It gave it more of a “movie” feel to it.

The one complaint that I have is its length. But this is generally my one complaint about most films. As for the rest of the movie, it’s like someone threw a bunch of stuff in a movie blender just for fun. My only other suggestion would be to add subtitles since it can be hard to make out the words at times. It could also be said that the movie is still enjoyable despite my not catching all of the words.

Okay. I’m turning into a pumpkin except I’ll leave you with two more thoughts: I’m starting a YouTube channel shortly and Ian will be an early interview since he has other films that you can learn about more on his website.

And sorry if this is a little disjoined. I’m coming down from the last several weeks of wicked busy things. We’ll have more to announce pretty soon. But in the meantime… You’re welcome to reach out to Ian too. I’ve included his Twitter handle here and his LinkedIn here. He also does reviews of other films on his blog here.

Have a wonderful night!

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