Breathwork and Breathwork Packages

Breathwork and Breathwork Packages

Hi everyone!

I’m still building my formal breathwork page. This is my temp page until later this week when I can create something more proper.

My biggest objective is to give you tools for you to create your own independent breathwork practice. Why? This is about you finding a practice that works for you on your terms rather than you follow a rigid program. So… How can I guarantee results if I don’t demand you stick to “my” program developed in a top-secret laboratory in an undisclosed location? I can’t.

But if you’re willing to commit to your practice with some consistency… Anything is possible. And leaving yourself open to possibilities will get you much further than expecting a specific result. It’s absolutely messy except… SO THE FUCK WHAT!?! Nothing is perfect.

Something to know about my breathwork program: I will offer up to two free one-on-one sessions for those with limited resources and a sliding scale for all my pricing.

I’m also looking for a place in my community to offer a monthly group session by donation. As I get more information about this, I’ll let you know.

Single breathwork sessions: $27 – $37 for a 90-minute session

Three breathwork sessions: $77 – $87 for three 90-minute sessions

Five breathwork sessions: $135 – $145 for five 90-minute sessions

Ten breathwork sessions: $270 – $280 for ten 90-minute sessions

Our sessions can be as simple as me being a witness to your breathing.

We can have others where we work with the following:


Body scans

Chakra Cleanses

Spirit Animals

Inner child






Toning/self-soothing sounds

My sessions are currently available via Zoom. I’ll be setting up in-person ones shortly in Los Angeles. Yes. I’m on Pacific Time for scheduling purposes.

You can find out more at

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