Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

Happy Thursday!

I know! I know! I’m a complete fashion risk with bad hair in my photo. EXCEPT!?! So, what!?! See… There’s this idea that life needs to be perfect with everything in place for us to move forward. Yes. I realize that I may be speaking for myself. But I’ll throw this out to see if it resonates with you…

The scoop is that I’ve been dabbling in film and writing with some success. But I didn’t want to formally pursue it until we finished our indie feature MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING. We still have a few more steps for us to formally say that it’s done as in “done done.” It’s just that it’s been twelve years. And things with it aren’t necessarily as time-consuming as they once were. This means that I’m all out of excuses for moving forward especially since I’ve gotten my other projects to be more manageable or completed.

Okay. I have both local and federal jury duty in the next two months. Some of you may want to run screaming to the hills. Here’s the thing for me though: I want both to help me with my stories. It’s going to be fabulous. I’ll have first-hand experience instead of mostly reading about it or learning from the University of YouTube. Training law enforcement on how to help people with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities during a crisis didn’t include trial time.

My bigger point is that there will always be something even if it isn’t two kinds of jury duty. I can continue to use all sorts of excuses to hold me back or get the hell on with my life. And before I do… I have one huge great big one that I think many a writer and filmmaker has: I’ll get things started once I find out from this fellowship, program, contest, agent, etc… Is this common for other industries outside of the arts?

Anyway – I hope this finds you well. Have a wonderful night.

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