plAy Date world premiere

plAy Date world premiere

Happy Late Thursday!

My fancy pants are exhausted. A shit ton has happened over the last few weeks with more to come. But it’s all okay. Life isn’t meant to be for passengers. EXCEPT I want to remind everyone of something very exciting: Friday, September 2, 2022, is the world premiere of my short plAy Date at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival!!!!!

Yahoo! I feel so incredibly blessed. It couldn’t be a more wonderful film festival!! Here’s the official lineup: Schedule

And there’s more: my two leads: Janet Carter and Alvin Washington will also be there! It’s going so damn cool! We’d love for you all to come if you’re available. We’re also going to get there early if you have any questions.

I know that the title looks like a typo except I capitalize the A in the title on purpose: It’s the subtext of my short.

In the meantime, I have to sleep since tomorrow since it’s pumpkin time now.

Happy Thursday! Have a great night.

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