Highlight a Moment or Two…

Highlight a Moment or Two…

Happy Thursday.

I missed last week because yes… I was at ComicCon in San Diego. AND it was the first one in years that I was able to attend events in Hall H. This is the big fancy and hall where they show major upcoming events and well, Kevin Smith chats there too. He also has CLERKS 3 coming out soon. Yes. I got to see the first five minutes because I was there darn it. As the old saying goes… A good time was had by all.

No. I didn’t cosplay. It’s like every year that we’ve gone… We’ll cosplay this year. Oh, wait!?! ComicCon is tomorrow? Damn it. But there’s always next year.

I’ll also be honest that I found it odd the TV show “The Rookie” and its spinoff “The Rookie: Feds” had a panel there. Why? They’re both about cops, Yes. You can argue both sides about law enforcement being superheroes. But my real guess is that Nathan Fillion also knows that he still has fans from his cult classic “FireFly.” The crowd also went wild for Niecy Nash. I’m not familiar with her work except she was incredibly charming.

As for the rest, I’m still processing. More to follow at some point. It’s also been a weird ass day for sure. See… we live next to the 10 Freeway here in Los Angeles. And there was a huge accident that I heard. We always try to say prayers since they don’t have to be fatal. Tonight was different for sure in that I immediately heard someone’s horn a looooooooong time. It was unnerving for it meant that person never had a chance. The silence afterward was even more. Why? It confirmed that person never had a chance, or I would have heard an ambulance like the other times after the other crashes. So, I’m going to do the dishes and reflect. Life can be gone just like that.

May you have a great night.

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