Egg or Chicken… Er, Plastic Chicken

Egg or Chicken… Er, Plastic Chicken

Happy Thursday!

I’m facing a challenge that can relate to: Chicken or the egg!?! As my chickens are plastic and sing well, I know the egg came first. But what does that mean in terms of filmmaking? I’ll tell you at least some thoughts because I’d love some feedback!

See… I started a temp job in an unrelated field to get me back in the office. It’s to help me get back into regularly combing my hair. I didn’t have a strict dress code working for Richard’s family or myself. The great news is that it turned out to be a small transition since I already have the required office skills. Everyone is also super nice. It’s all and all been a wonderful experience. I even got to ease into it since I don’t have to be at work until 10 AM. Yes…

But this job isn’t in the… Industry. Entertainment one that is… Enter the egg and plastic chicken… I know some people with viable careers outside it with writing on the side. Others have this is also how it works in the Industry unless you’re the paid writer or director, etc. Industry jobs are also said to be so busy that there’s no time to write or do indie films on the side. And this is why I chose a plastic chicken (two) instead of a real one.

WHY? I don’t know if the information that I have is correct. There is just so much information floating around about the “insides of Hollywood.” I know some of it is real while other parts of it are no longer relevant due to COVID. It’s also my understanding that Hollywood has changed their hiring practices along with how they do business. Is this true or made up? I also know that Hollywood is no longer the only game in town since I’ve done my own indie productions. They’ve taught me an absolute ton.

!?!EXCEPT!?! I don’t see too many films with large budgets being made anywhere else. Yes. I’m going to see the amazing movie RRR for the third time this Saturday. If you haven’t seen it, I would scream from the mountain tops that you must!!! I haven’t been this excited about a movie for a long time.

I’d say the last movies that I’ve seen this many times in the theaters are the Peter Jackson’s take on the Lord of Rings (not his hobbit movies) for I’ve seen the originals in theaters multiple times including all three of the director’s cuts in a row at the Chinese theater as well as multiple viewings of the behind the scenes videos available on the DVDs. Here’s a link to one scene that speaks to why it’s so masterful: Pippin signing. And my other big favorites are the Raiders of the Lost Ark series. Yes. I liked Star Wars (hahaha I always want to write Star Wards). Raiders beat it in my book. The terrible trilogies in the Star Wars saga clinched it for me. The one standout is the standalone ROGUE ONE. I loved it.

I know!?! I know!?! I digress. But I’m soooooooo torn what to do because I eventually want to do my own blockbusters. It’s true that I’m working on some that I hope will be cult classics. Wouldn’t you? And wouldn’t you also agree that movies can be magic? I also felt this way after watching EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE and Kurosawa’s RAN the other week. (You can see the shots that everyone stole from Kurosawa when watching his movies. They’re masterpieces.)

My last thought is if… I’m not willing to go into the belly of the beast (plastic chicken in this case)… How will I learn to make those big movies? I know that building smaller magical movies lead to bigger ones. If I can’t make my projects, how can I be ready to do the bigger ones. Ugh… I’m just torn. And no matter what path I take: I will find a way to keep on trucking with Crazy Girl Pictures. You now know what I’m going crazy. Yes. The breathwork helps. But UGH!?!?!!?!?!

Okay. Enough. I must read scripts.

Feel free to comment, vent or squeeze a plastic chicken if you think it will help.

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