Crazy Girl Pictures

Crazy Girl Pictures

Happy Thursday!

So… It’s official! I’m starting up Crazy Girl Pictures!!! Yippie! What is Crazy Girl Pictures you may ask? It’s an indie production company that will start with short films. My reason for this is to do a deep dive into filmmaking with low stakes to build my filmmaking foundation to do features later.

Who cares if I screw up my shorts? But the real truth is that I don’t really screw up because I’ve learned on every short. This is especially true of the painful ones. I recently heard a wonderful TED talk where Sir Ken Robinson about how schools kill creativity: Ted Talk. His reasoning is that we’re conditioned to be afraid of failure.

Crazy Girl Pictures may fail. Fuck it. I’m going to try anyway and course correct with my various discoveries. I’m in the process of setting up my own website to talk more specifics about my filmmaking services and breathwork. Heck. I’m even developing a few programs that combine breathwork and filmmaking. More to follow on that soon. But I’ll drop a hint… Breathwork has been profound in helping me be present.

And I’ve had a massive deluge of ideas the more that I work with my breathwork. It’s been such an incredible gift. I can’t keep up with them all. It’s awesome. So, I’ll be posting updates soon.

In the meantime, I’m in post-production for a proof of concept called PIECE OF MEAT. Yes. I’ve talked about this before. Today was also huge for I have figured out the piece I need to hammer out the feature. Yippie! It’s well… FUCK YEAH! (The picture is my company logo. My guardian angel is the gargoyle with the halo. He’s representative for the one in the middle of my back.)

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