Amber Grant April 2022 Finalist

Amber Grant April 2022 Finalist

Happy Saturday everyone!

I know! I know! I’m posting in the middle of the night for USA folks FOR A REALLY COOL REASON!!! Our indie feature MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING got into the Entr’2 Marches Disability Film Festival in Cannes, France. And it happens at the same time as the main Cannes Film Festival!! It’s such a cool experience to be in Cannes for the first time ever. I’ll write more about this later because I have an exciting announcement:

I’m a finalist for the April 2022 Amber Grant. Here’s their announcement on their website: April 2022 Finalists I should know in the next couple of days if I am their winner. It’s for a $10,000 grant that I would apply to Crazy Girl Pictures, LLC. We officially open our doors in July 2022. I’ll also write a separate post that goes more in-depth about this. And yes – Richard and I will have Soriano Pictures to make more wacky family affairs.

And onto the Amber Award. I found out about WomensNet from a simple Google Search. I was looking for a grant to help me to get started since some unexpected costs have come up during my formation of Crazy Girl Pictures, LLC. I applied to WomensNet because their grant is exactly what I needed: Just enough to cover those extra costs without a loan. I’m trying to limit my additional debt since it might be a while before I start turning a profit.

But I’ve also wanted to make movies since I was really small. I’m done waiting for Hollywood to come to me for my pages to be actualized into movies. MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING is proof that’s not necessary.

A wonderful part about the WomensNet is their focus is women. I’ve learned from my different filmmaking projects that things are always so much stronger when we rally together for this creates things far greater than if we go it alone! If you’re woman starting your own business, I would suggest that you check out their program the Amber Grant and their application. The other super cool part about being chosen is that you’re also in the running for their yearly drawing of $25,000. This is on TOP of their monthly award of $10,000. My mind is full of the possibilities. Talk about a real gift.

Thanks again WomensNet! I truly appreciate being a finalist for it’s so helpful!

Happy Happy Saturday! More soon!!!!

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