The Job that You Want

The Job that You Want

Happy Tuesday!

I’m sure that many of you have heard the phrase: Dress for the job that you want rather than the job that you have. As I’m a complete fashion risk, I’m so screwed. Haha! Just kidding…

In all seriousness… I realize that this phrase also applies to writing if you think about it like this:

Write for the job that you want rather than the one you have.

I also think that this fits in the current Twitter Screenwriting drama around writing outlines. My thing is that I’ve come to understand the importance of outlines, especially when working with other people on projects. They make sense in that people aren’t mind readers…

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

This phrase only works when people have track records. Otherwise, the answer is

“No. And Kelly over here wants to outline. So, I’m going with Kelly.”

It’s all in considering your career end goals instead of just your immediate goals. No. I know that I’m not going to become obscenely rich or probably even make a single cent immediately from the series of shorts that I’m about to do.

But this is okay with me in that they’re helping me to write for the job that I want rather than the job that I have. See… Producing, directing, editing, and acting have all taught me a profound amount about writing that I wouldn’t have learned if I only stuck with pages. This is my reason for why I constantly give the advice of making your own scripts in at least short films.

And it’s in working on films that I now feel that I’m writing movies instead of just scripts. I can get more into the nuts and bolts in later posts like the need to read a bazillion scripts. But I want to at least throw this out for people to consider…

Let me know your thoughts or questions… You should be able to post on here or email me at hollysorianoblog at gmail dot com.

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