Reclaim Me

Reclaim Me

Happy Friday!

I’m taking a trip to El Paso, Texas!! Why there? I had my one and only psychotic break there. Yup. It was one brought on by the wrong medication. What does that really mean anyway? It’s my mind turned on itself from a medication that caused me to see and hear shit that wasn’t really there. They felt more real than my keyboard that I’m using to type this post.

My trip’s purpose is to let go of whatever remains of my stuff around my psychotic break and learning that I have bipolar, type I, with mixed states and psychotic features. I have a very different perspective than when I left El Paso shortly after it happened.

So, I have my laptop and notebooks to write out whatever comes forward during my El Paso trip. As I’m in the middle of my 30/30, I’ll be using my breathwork too. This is doing 30 days of breathwork for 30 minutes. I track my insights in a notebook. Jim Morningstar taught me this in my breathwork practicum that applies to certification. I’m doing this through Transformations USA.

Another practice that my friend Deneen suggested that I do is write everything out on a paper and burn it before I leave Texas. I also plan to do this. If know of any other cleansing tools, feel free to let me know.

The original reason for being in El Paso was graduate school for history. I later embraced that I like history whereas I loooooooooooooooooooooove writing and filmmaking. But it was never a waste because it was my college history classes that truly taught me to write. I’ve seen gone on and learned a shit ton of writing conventions and styles since my original undergrad history classes. It’s just that we all got to start somewhere.

And it was in an Italian history class that I wrote a script of Dante and Machiavelli meeting for coffee to discuss their books relative to their time-period. That was my original screenplay. My professor thought it was groundbreaking. I didn’t take that seriously until one day when I did.

I’m excited about being able to unplug and experience whatever I experience during my time there. I also want to do this now because I’m about to move into filmmaking and breathwork fulltime. I’ll write about all of that upon my return. In the meantime, I’m Texas bound. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care!

3 thoughts on “Reclaim Me

  1. Once the cleansing is complete, consider gratitude. Gratitude for your inner spirit strength…You are an incredibly strong woman. Love you,


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