Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Happy day to you!

I’m back!

YES! I look like a nerd and super chubby in my photo. But this is also the point. See… I’ve been struggling for a long ass time. And I feel that it’s time to “come clean” as it were – so to speak. So to write in this case… You get my point.

My last post was how I decided to embrace breathwork for my “day job.” As I still plan to do this, I threw myself into understanding it better. I ran sessions for over 100 hours with a variety of people including couples. Other things were to try out a multitude of back-to-back breathwork sessions for different time periods. Some were for 100 sessions while others were 45 days or even 15 days.

I also experimented with the time of day for them along with the length of the sessions. Many have been for 30 minutes long for this seems to be a magical length for it’s long enough to be productive while not so long to knock me out. I’ve also tried 15 minutes or ones as simple as three breaths in a row. Plus, I’ve been some form training that allowed feedback consistently over the last year.

If you’re a writer, you understand the value of feedback. And I also imagine that non-writers also embrace this for it’s a willingness to be open to others’ input is where our real growth begins. It doesn’t matter what area in life for everything is intertwined and considered “transferrable skills.”

As I allowed for all of this, my insights gained through my therapeutic breathwork training have been profound. I will reveal the pieces in time for I want to slow down and literally breathe. I’m also gearing up to take more classes related to breathwork and filmmaking. I’ll also be honest that I feel like I’ve only just begun. More on this later.

Okay. Great. How the hell does this translate to real life? And what’s up with my silly hat? I will open my therapeutic breathwork business on Halloween. Why? Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It also means that I always get to wear a costume for my work anniversary. I’ll also throw this out that I plan to have a sliding scale for my breathwork business for I don’t believe limited resources should stop you from being able to have help. You can reach out if you would like some specifics. My email is hollysorianoblog @ As I get more in place, I will give my updated information. This works for now.

In the meantime, I’m working on a variety of projects that I talk about more in the coming weeks, months, and even years. Each need their own blog posts if not several since they include things like my feature length movie in development, many short films, other writing projects, standup, all aspects of movie making, creating different flexible models around my breathwork business, generating classes, and my other area is…

I plan to start to my script consultant business. But there are a few important caveats: I’m not chasing Hollywood or what I believe Hollywood wants. There are a bazillion others already providing those services. As a result, I don’t need to compete there when so many others are better qualified to do that. My area is instead writing and creating indie movies. They range from short films to features because every one of my projects have been independently financed.

It’s that independently financed and indie films are totally different animals than big studio films. I don’t believe either one is better for all wonderful in their own ways: A big popcorn movie can be just as delightful as a well-crafted indie gem. You can talk to someone else if you want someone to talk shit about movies made in certain ways. I refuse for all movies are magical in their own way. Yes. They all can use help and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism except they are MAGIC regardless of their financing.

And my final note is that I’m not interested in helping people indie movies that seem like the Big Studios generated them. Huh… Don’t some people want to create movies to get hired by Big Studios? Most indie productions don’t have the resources of the Big Studios.

As a result, this means indie movies trying to be like the big studio movies are “pretending” rather than being themselves. They tend to look like rip offs and/or pale comparisons of the mainstream movies. This can work against you for it doesn’t highlight your skill set or the ability to create dynamic movies regardless of your resources: It only shows your ability to copy. How is that original? Aren’t you doing a disservice to yourself and hiding out? Scary to show your truth except it’s ultimately far more rewarding. It also makes you a helluva more employable.

Okay. More on all of this later. My ass must get back to work! Have a great day! If you have any questions, you can reach out at hollysorianoblog @

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