Kid Gloves

Kid Gloves

Happy Saturday!

I know that it’s been forever and a day since I last posted. There are two main reasons behind them. They are as follows:

My first reason for not writing in a while is that I wanted my last blog to stay up for a longer period of time. I know that some people may say that it makes me look weak. I’m also sure some of you feel that you must treat me with kid gloves after reading my last blog. But I’m calling bullshit on that. Why? It’s a lot braver to admit weakness than to hide behind a shit ton of accomplishments, or anything else to mask one’s own pain. These are also my fodder for my dilemmas.

Yup. I struggle except so what? Everyone does. And don’t believe it if people try to deny it otherwise. It’s not that everyone is completely weak or trying to off themselves. I say it’s more that we all have our journey of hardships that we must face regardless of the goodness in our lives. That goodness also wouldn’t feel so sweet if it were not for the bad times.

In fact, it’s okay to have shit happen as well as life is tough. Some may disagree with me. It’s just that failure is what teaches us. Why? It gets us to think. This is the first step to action. I’ve done exactly this for my other main reason for not writing blogs as of late.

See… I’ve been chewing on what to do after we close down taking care of adults with special needs. Our main goals are to be writers and filmmakers. We also need to have other sources of income given how unstable those industries are on a regular basis. But those damn bills keep coming every month no matter what.

As part of my journey to find my day job, I came across therapeutic breathwork. What the hell, right? I thought the same thing… It’s just a bunch of bullshit. Still, I tried it anyway. A repressed memory came up the first time that I did it. I’ve since had varying results except I’m hooked. I know that I can teach breathwork indefinitely since it is something that I can learn about forever.

The other really important part about breathwork is that it helps people. I want to do this on top of my filmmaking since it feeds my soul in a different way. It’s that I have this incredible drive to care for people. I’d say it’s as strong my desire to create stories. Heck. It even fuels my desire to write and make movies since most of my stories talk about the human condition. This includes my blockbusters.

And I’ll start the blogs back up. Is there an area that you want me to write about or explore? I’d love to hear your ideas besides my own. Thanks so much!

One thought on “Kid Gloves

  1. Holly, I just read your “Suicide” blog. This is a GREAT piece of writing…really excellent! send this to your sisters…xoxo mom


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