MAT Teaser Trailer Release Today

MAT Teaser Trailer Release Today

Happy Friday!

I’m so excited to share our teaser trailer for the feature that I’m producing. It’s called MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING (MAT). Our film is about a guy with special needs and obsessed with zombies. He goes on a mission to find his long-lost mom while a Korean family and a drug-dealing gang compete to teach him about family. And he uses his favorite zombie TV show to share about family.

Whew! I know that that is a complete mouthful. But it also speaks to the many layers of our film for it is drawn from real life. How so you may ask? My husband Richard has long taken care of adults with specials needs besides being a filmmaker. In fact, he was in the car with one of the individuals (this is the new term to describe “clients”) one day when there was an ad about finding your soul mate on the internet. The individual asked if this means that they can find his mom. It was a heartbreaking moment for he has the capacity to understand that his family doesn’t want to be a part of his life.

And MAT is really a love letter to the guys for he isn’t the only one without a family active in his life. As a producer, I was also able to draw from my own experiences to add more to layers for I also have a background of taking care of people with special needs. They have ranged from children to adults. Plus, I’ve also helped those with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities. I’ve even helped train law enforcement and other first responders on how to help those with mental illness, developmental disabilities and/or substance abuse issues while they have a crisis.

I’ll also just say that we’ve had some incredible people to help us along the way. One is our dynamic Director Charlie Unger. He’s been a great creative force in this whole process from when he came on during the development stage. And he’s been with us ever since including his recent contributions to our teaser trailer. Charlie draws from a whole range of experiences including writing, directing and producing two other indie films.

Rachel Dunn also helped with coloring on this teaser. But Rachel’s role in MAT isn’t limited to just that. She was also the wonderful Director of Photography for our production. Rachel also came on during the development stage and shared her varied experience to help us make a better film.

Bryan Tan also helped with turnover. It’s a part of the process to get our teaser ready to show all of you. He did this while working hard on his latest skillful round of edits for MAT. Bryan brings a good range of experience to MAT along with a strong eye for detail.

We’re all the team that got together the teaser trailer. But we weren’t the only ones that will be making MAT possible. There are so many people, who helped make it possible. Our MAT website lists these incredible people. And we’re adding more for MAT has truly been a team effort.

Many people have asked me about our plans with the film. I always say our first order of business is to make the best film possible for nothing else matters if we don’t. And we’re getting closer for we believe the film will be ready this year. It’s been thrilling and educational while all of this has made this happen.

Thanks so much for the support!

Have a wonderful day!

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