Writing Insight…

Writing Insight…

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for missing a week when I was out of town for a funeral. I confess that writing was never from my mind in that I was able to journal every day that I was gone. As for now, I’m writing this from… COMIC CON (the big mother in San Diego)! Is that cool or what!?!

In fact, Comic Con is right in line with a few conversations that I’ve had over the last couple of weeks about art and writing. One person said that the arts and stories were about the actual piece rather than other people’s interpretations of it. Another person said that they’re about making life a little bit better for your audience. Their ideas got me thinking about why I write and what I hope to gain from my writing. Mine is that I love that everyone consuming my art/writing will have their own meanings of it. And it’s my desire that they come together to discuss their differences in hopes that they learn for each other and share this with other people to create a greater community. Comic Con is all about this. It’s quite exciting to be here while people celebrate their understandings of the different kinds of art/entertainment that is represented here. They then will leave here changed from having mixed with other people and their interpretations and even the creators will sometimes change from having had this experience.

Why do you create the art that you create?

Have a great day!

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