Family Member

So… It’s Wednesday. And it’s time to write a blog. But it’s been an odd day. I found out that a family member died yesterday. It’s been a day of reflection rather than a day of writing… It always strikes me that a big thing can happen in one person’s life while the world just keeps moving. But I don’t take that to be a bad thing for it means that this too shall pass if that big thing is something tragic. Okay. I admit that this can sometimes be lost in those big moments. But the thing that I know for sure is that it’s best to slow to understand the significance of it all in that moment for it will be quickly lost if the world has its way.

And what better way than to let people know that they are not alone when dealing with their big moment.? It doesn’t matter if you have shared those same experiences or even those same emotions. But something as simple as active listening may be a small thing on your part that could help that person to have just a moment of relief from their pain. This is what I tried to do today for the family member most affected by this death.

I don’t know what else to say except I’ll be back next week with a post that I’m thinking needs to be discussed.

Have a good night.


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