Yup! That’s me… Okay. Not literally… But Here’s Why…

Yup! That’s me… Okay. Not literally… But Here’s Why…

Happy Wednesday!

So… Today turned out to be so much busier than I had anticipated it would be. And the project that I planned to tackle will take more than an hour and twenty minutes write about. I know some of you would want to impale yourself with the closest sharp object than to write for that long.

But I understand for I’m actually having that happen to me. In fact, it’s been for a whole year, or possibly a bit longer. I don’t remember exactly when. Here’s the deal:

My friend posted something that I challenged. It got me thinking about the concept of living in a bubble. I thought that it would be the perfect topic for that of a short for me to write and produce. As if that is not enough pressure, I later decided that it would be my directorial debut.

It’s just that I acknowledged my topic is too complex for a short unless I just want to make it full of talking heads. This might be all right except one very important thing: I want my audience to be more than just people in agreement with me. It’s because I don’t want to live in a bubble or aspire to be that way.

The good news is that someone eloquently already tackled the topic of living in a bubble in a delightful Ted Talk. I already posted it in a previous blog: https://hollysoriano.com/2018/05/31/chewing-on-a-post/

And I moved onto another topic that would be helpful for me to write about: relationships and moving to different places for different reasons. God knows that I’ve moved enough in my life. I’ve lived in ten states and Mexico. I also moved around in many of those states. The point is that it’s never easy for me to give up cardboard boxes… You never know when you’ll need them.

This change inspired me to write out everything about my short on a plane ride between New York City and Los Angeles at the beginning of the year. I truly figured out the shooting schedule, came up with the locations, figured out a fair amount of the production budget and came up with ideas for funding sources. Plus, I even came up with the content of my scenes except I couldn’t bring myself to write the actual pages.

Yes. I’m completely busy to put it mildly. The only thing is that I’ve been managed to write multiple drafts of many stories (features and shorts) since that time. I’ve been getting into poetry, started this blog, wrote some essays, started converting a script into a comic book, worked on novelizing a script, and helped begin the blog for our feature: https://www.myapocalypticthanksgiving.com/ My husband wrote the first blog. I’m prepping to write other ones. I ‘fessed up to all that to let you know that I can’t claim writer’s block.

A different friend helped me to consider what it’s really about: I’m being a great big baby. She’s far sweeter and her words were kinder. But I’m just going to own up to it. I’m scared because I want it to be perfect. But I have a short deadline if I want to apply for this specific grant program. And I really want to do it. So… “f” it! I’m just going to write something. It’s not going to be perfect except in one very important way: I’m no longer going to have a blank page.

Has this happened to you?

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