Emotions (Yup… seriously) Part II :) :( ;)

Emotions (Yup… seriously) Part II :) :( ;)

Holy bananas! It’s Monday again. Where the hell did the week go? So many places and so little time… But enough whining! Let’s get onto why we’re here: I promised to write another post about emotions and especially emotions relative to writing. It’s actually quite funny for my sister called me out about my last column. She had hoped that I spilled my emotional entrails (check the lovely picture) into last week’s post. I assured her that I would talk about what she asked more this week.

It’s that I’m going to take her “note within a note.” This is essentially where you look beyond the surface value of a particular note. I concluded that my sister’s deeper meaning was the same one I was going to share this week. And it comes down to a comment that my National University Instructor Erik Bork (https://www.flyingwrestler.com/) once said in a class. He asked why the audience should care about the story if the characters don’t. I know that this same seem obvious except that it’s not always the case. An example that immediately comes to mind is Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck”: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3152624/videoplayer/vi2692067353?ref_=vp_pl_1

I had such a hard time with the fact that Amy’s character didn’t seem to care about jack. This was supposed to be her lesson of the movie except this idea comes in much too late for me to care and have an emotional investment in the ending. Some people may call me out for being sexist since this male trope has long existed in literature and film. But I’m not fond of those characters either. I want characters that gave a damn and wanted to “suck the marrow of life” in the way that Robin Williams’ character proclaimed in “Dead Poets Society.” This phrase may be ancient except it explains what so much of what we want to feel when we watch a character on the screen for then we can see what it is really like to be alive if even for just a moment. 🙂

My sister’s other part for calling me out about my “emotions blog” was that she felt people wouldn’t know if I cared beyond the polished words of my blog. Okay. Some of you may think my words aren’t so polished. I completely agree for I know that they could use some work. However, I am not getting to the point. It’s that I have long wanted to go balls to the wall with my writing despite the fact that my early life set me up to do the opposite. Yup. I went to nine different schools between first and twelfth grade. They were in various cities within a variety of states. And none used the same books or explained things the same way. And no. My family wasn’t in the military. We had the motto: “why visit when you can move?”

I eventually learned to write in my history classes during my first undergraduate degree in organizational communication. Corporate America also helped me to develop that further. And it took me going to Mexico to learn the English grammar structure while getting certified to teach English as a Foreign Language. I also expanded on that more while I pursued my second undergraduate degree in history as well as a screenwriting certificate program and my Master of Fine arts in screenwriting.

And I have long tried to write in some way every single day beyond the writing mentioned in the “About” section (https://hollysoriano.com/about/) My reason for not putting my credentials out that there was that it seemed like I’m bragging and making much to do about myself. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not if I can help even one person to consider chasing their dream if they are willing to do the work. This may be uber cheesy except if we can’t help other people… What was the point?

And yes… It’s been work. I’ve also had moments where I wanted to give up. These were so seductive because writing was not just “work.” WRITING WAS HARD WORK. IT IS HARD WORK. WRITING WILL BE HARD WORK. And it was worth every minute for it made me a better person and helped me to help other people along their own process.

Okay. I’ll get off my soapbox. These are just some aspects of emotions and emotions in writing. God knows that there are a ton more. They will no doubt litter my other blogs. It’s just that I wanted to get you started with these ideas about emotions first.

Have a great night! 🙂

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