Emotions (Yup… seriously) Part I :) :( ;)

Happy Monday!

I was thinking about what else I should talk about in the early days of this blog. And it hit me that I need to talk about emotions. In fact, it needs to be broken into two main parts. I know that you may be thinking about what the hell do emotions have to do with writing? The answer is simple: A LOT.

Don’t worry! I’m not going to request that you go hug a tree and sing Kumbaya or do anything that would make you uncomfortable. It’s rather to consider the fact that everyone single one of us is different in some way. I know the politically correct phrase is “we’re all unique and special in our own ways.” No matter how cheesy this sounds… It’s totally true. But it also begs the question of how the hell to write a story for a board audience when we are all so different?

This is where emotions enter the picture. Our audience may not have had the same experiences as your characters or even yourself if you’re writing about your own life experiences… However, your audience can relate to your characters’ emotions regardless of how everyone expresses them. A common example in many American movies is when a character feels that the whole world is against them and s/he must decide if s/he wants to give up or get their asses moving. Characters and real people are likely going to go about this decision in different ways even though it comes down to the root emotions of feeling isolated and alone.

And it is in sharing this moment with this character that audiences can realize that s/he are not so alone after all. It’s also why this particular moment can be so empowering for both characters and their audiences.

3 thoughts on “Emotions (Yup… seriously) Part I :) :( ;)

  1. I love reading your blogs – makes me feel like we are closer geographically. This one makes me realize just how difficult it must be to write to an audience and try to project a message that resonates similarly with many of your audience members… You are a bright light Holly:) xo

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  2. Trying to find that common demoninator that reaches many is more difficult that it would appear. Writing is complex if it is to be successful. Carry on Holly.

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