Dog Theory

Dog Theory


Hi again!

Hopefully, your Monday is going well. Mine has been an adventure that got me thinking about what I should write about next for my blog. It then hit me that we’re just starting out here together. We haven’t even developed our own shorthand yet… But what is our biggest barrier to doing this?

It’s due to my “Dog Theory.”

Kinda odd title except hear me out. The first step would be to think of what comes to mind when I say the word “dog.” I realize that I’ve stacked the deck with my photo of the lovely BooBoo for she is often what I think of when I hear the word “dog.” However, I sometimes think of German Shepherds or Huskies or Boxers or Pomeranians or whatever other dogs I’ve just met.

This is at least six different meanings that I’ve assigned to the word “dog.” And I’m just one person. Imagine that this is the case for every single person that looks at the word. Each of them will give their own meanings that could possibly change as often as they change their underwear or never at all. Some may not even think of a furry animal because the word “dog” can also apply to humans. It all depends on the person. All of this frenzy is over one measly little three letter word…

I know… I know… You may be asking what the hell does this have to do with my blog besides giving me the opportunity to post puppy porn… It’s that we may all be looking at the same word, but our meanings may be radically different. I’m hoping that we all stay in this conversation long enough for us to figure out our different meanings for all of us to learn so much more from each other than had we just kept our meanings to ourselves.

The other part to all of this is that this theory is not just specific to the word “dog.” It applies to all words. Yes. All words, damn it. This is why people can have such radically different reactions to the same set of information whether the story is fiction or fact.

And this theory is something to keep in mind if you are the author of that fiction or fact. How would you write your piece to help forge a common definition without beating your audience over the head with too much explanation or confuse them by not giving them enough? It’s quandaries like this that keep me writing for there is never one answer that fits all situations. 🙂

What about you? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!


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