First blog post

First blog post

I confess I spent the last two years chewing on what this would say. It comes down to something that I admit to being majorly guilty of all in all areas of my life. I want to reach where I have my shit together to the point that I feel organized.

And I admit that I want to feel organized enough to “take over the world.” I don’t mean in this in a literal sense. It’s rather that I want this big master plan to help me come up with a topic that can tie all of my blog posts together. However, I don’t nothing else in my life is this way except storytelling “in some way.”

As you notice, I used quotes around the phrase “in some way.” It’s because I don’t stick to just to one kind of storytelling if you look at my “about” tab. In fact, I’d shoot myself if I were to stick to one. I’ve spent most of life fighting against other people trying to do that to me. The last thing that I’d want to do is stick myself in a box that I cannot escape.

My storytelling has also been able to evolve significantly more due to me pushing myself to try out new kinds of it. An example is my poetry prepared me to write in all other forms since it’s about the word rather than the page. The other part about this is that everything is about storytelling for me. My brain loves to pull out details of all aspects of my life that eventually end up in my stories directly or indirectly. I plan to write about these kinds of things in this blog.

The other areas that I plan to write about are some of my theories that have come out of me learning about the different types of storytelling. I also want to throw everything out there to get feedback. It’s because I don’t assume I’m right for I’m limited to what I know. This is a very small amount in the big scheme of things.

I’ll also apologize for my lame drawing for this post. It’s that I’m still in the process of learning to use WordPress, images, and everything to help make my site fancy… Any ideas would be appreciated except ones telling me how to rip off copyrighted images without paying for them since that would be even lamer.

Have a great day!


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